001 - Disk Verifier Parted Magic Module

The Disk Verifier add-on to augment Parted Magic's secure erase feature for NIST 800-88 compliance ( Disk Verifier is licensed under the GPLv3.


002 - Disk Verifier Live Disk

This is the standalone version of Disk Verifier that you can boot your computer with to verify any attached disks.

This live disk also includes a web browser and networking support so you can get help. DDRescue-GUI is included for your convenience.


003 - Disk Verifier Bundle

Get both the Disk Verifier Parted Magic module and the live disk and save!


004 - DDRescue-GUI for Windows (Windows 7 or Higher)

This is the Windows version of DDRescue-GUI.


005 - DDRescue-GUI for macOS (macOS 10.9 or Higher)

This is the macOS version of DDRescue-GUI.


007 - DDRescue-GUI for PowerPC Macs (Mac OS X 10.5 only)

This is the PowerPC Mac OS X bundle of DDRescue-GUI.

Please note, this requires Mac OS X 10.5.


008 - DDRescue-GUI For Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, and Parted Magic)

This is the Linux version of DDRescue-GUI.


009 - DDRescue-GUI Super Bundle

Get DDRescue-GUI for every platform I support and save!